Core Traffic Attraction Strategies

High-Quality Content: For Metas has curated a portfolio of over 200 lightweight games, predominantly HTML5-based. This selection is a response to the modern user's appetite for immediate, accessible gaming experiences that transcend platforms.For Metas possesses independently developed H5 and App games, as well as an open-source SDK for integrating third-party games.Contracted with Google for outbound traffic support for H5 games, and established mutual user connectivity with multiple overseas app ecosystems.

Earning Opportunities and Web3 Dynamics: The confluence of earning opportunities, Web3, and gaming is the cornerstone of For Metas' approach. The play-to-earn model resonates with contemporary users who seek more than entertainment—these users are attracted by the potential for tangible value. By incentivizing users with token rewards and real in-game assets, For Metas bolsters engagement and commitment.

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