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In the era of Web2.0, platforms like Steam have dominated the game industry. They serve as a hub for gamers to view their game list, progress in-game, and ultimately serve as a HUB for all things gaming online. For Metas is looking to change this as many PC games are mostly distributed to the companies, resulting in a somewhat unfair monopoly.

For Metas aims to create a professional GameFi aggregation portal with one-stop service experience. We are building a platform which is intergratable with multiple blockchains in the future, aiming to reach in-depth cooperation with top-quality games, crypto communities, KOLs and guilds.We are committed to allowing game assets to flow freely and helping hundreds of millions of players to better enter the "Play to Earn'' era. For Metas believes we can better promote the exchange of game assets, the realization of game value, and the empowerment of game economic value.

We will provide a solution by offering a platform where high-quality games, launchpad and trading marketplace are integrated within one platform.

Fun first. We think games being fun is one of the determining factors in retaining users. We believe the blockchain should be invisible in our games. All users can have fun and enjoy themselves under simple game mechanics. We want to make 4 Metas a go-to place to calm people’s nerves after an exhausting working or school day.

Owned by players. The emphasis on ownership sets For Metas different from other traditional game platforms. Users can have a say over what they gain in the games. They can transfer, trade and do anything on it. Every piece of items users get on For Metas belongs to themselves, and any inherited status is a verifiable asset on the blockchain.

Accessible for everyone. We think good games should be accessible to everyone. For Metas achieves this by setting a low entry barrier for both game developers and game hunters.

Community-powered. For Metas community members have a say over what For Metas should look like. We don’t develop and launch games in a vacuum. We constantly engage and listen to our community. We build alongside a vocal community whose input shapes the design and direction of For Metas.

For Metas will launch games mainly in two ways:

1.Develop and incubate by the platform

We will develop and launch high quality blockchain games by acquiring famous IPs with our strong technical background and industry resources. 2. Cooperate with other well-known game teams For Metas is constantly reaching new partnerships and even acquiring quality game studios to provide users with high-quality games on a consistent basisIt is estimated that there will be annually 10-20 games incubated and launched on For Metas, providing a powerful combination of blockchain technology and video games.

Games currently available on For Metas:

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