Understanding VIP Level Rules

The VIP level system operates under clear guidelines to ensure a fair and transparent process:

  1. Multiple Levels: VIP levels are divided into six tiers, ranging from level 0 to 5. Players can am VIP status by holding $4MW tokens or specific NFTs.

  2. To secure the corresponding VIP level, one must maintain a certain quantity of $4MW tokens or specific NFTs in their account's address for a continuous 24-hour period.

  3. VIP levels are determined by the highest level of $4MW tokens or NFTs held by the user.

  4. VIP levels are exclusively tied to the daily vPlayer reward limits and require the ownership of NFTs or $4MW tokens..

By adhering to these rules, users can strategically engage with the For Metas ecosystem to maximize their VIP level and vPlayer benefits. As For Metas continues to forge partnerships, additional NFTs and VIP levels may be introduced to enrich the experience.

In the dynamic realm of For Metas, VIP levels empower users to reach new heights of engagement and rewards. Embrace the journey and unlock the full potential of vPlayer!

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