Primary Revenue Streams

In-App Advertising (IAA) Model:For Metas employs the IAA model to provide a platform for advertisers to reach their target audience effectively. By strategically integrating non-intrusive advertisements within the user experience,For Metas generates revenue from advertisers seeking to engage with its extensive user base.As we witness a consistent surge in global mobile ad spending, For Metas positions itself as the beacon for advertisers in search of an engaged and dynamic user base.
Market Insight: Projections indicate that global mobile ad spending will eclipse $300 billion by 2024, signaling a steadfast demand for platforms that can effectively deliver advertising content.
In-Game Microtransactions and Web3 Integration: For Meta capitalizes on the in-game microtransaction model to monetize the real-time engagement of its users. By offering valuable virtual items, upgrades, and experiences for a fee, Meta cultivates a revenue stream that thrives on users' investment in the platform.
P(Pay&Play)2E(Earn) Insight: The sweeping integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology within the gaming landscape has sparked a paradigm shift in how value is exchanged within virtual realms. For Metas leverages this seismic shift by enabling users to securely purchase and own distinctive in-game assets. This integration resonates particularly strongly in developing nations, where owning digital assets can have a profound socio-economic impact.By incentivizing potential game earnings, players are more inclined to make in-game purchases.