Incentives for Facilitating Invitations

Upon gaining possession of an invitation code, users possess the ability to invite their associates to join the For Metas Platform. The process of successful registration and the binding of an account through the utilization of the invitation code warrants rewards for both the instigator and the invitee.

The initiator, upon invoking the invitation code, accrues 8% of the invitee's task points (vPlayer) amassed during their engagement on the platform. In tandem, the invitee reaps an additional 5% supplement on their earned task points. This reciprocal model harmoniously aligns the interests of both parties, fueling active participation and collaborative growth within the platform.

Illustratively, consider the scenario wherein User A extends an invitation to User B via the designated code. Should User B amass 10 points through their daily interactions, User A garners 0.8 points (8% of User B's task points), while User B's tally rises to 10.5 points (10 points + 5% bonus).

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