What make us different

GameFi, SocialFi, Metaverse - All in one platform

For Metas is a one-stop solution and ecosystem that combines the finest of the metaverse, GameFi, decentralization, and NFT blockchain technology with original content and Web3 diversity to assist users, entrepreneurs, and influencers in transitioning into the Web3 entertainment arena.We are now on the frontline of the future of entertainment industry – from NFT-backed collectibles and memorabilia to virtual second life to gaming and shopping, the For Metas ecosystem will be groundbreaking.

NFTs drive the platform’s interoperability

For Metas see the potential for NFTs to effectively replace a large portion of the traditional in-game microtransaction infrastructure.Players may now completely move their virtual inventory outside of their individual games since buyer identification is no longer limited to an in-game persona. This will largely enable interoperability across different games, even different modules launched on For Metas. Just imagine using the same avatar or same game equipment across all games on For Metas.

Brand new tokenomics & incentivized network

The best part of For Metas is that not only can users have fun on the platform but also earn great financial rewards along the journey.We have a direct monetization model of all copywritten assets through smart contracts and blockchain micropayments. There are lots of ways for both creators and consumers to monetize their effort spent on For Metas by content creation, consumption and redistribution. Users will unconsciously find themselves making passive income once they enter the world of For Metas.

Launch and incubate simultaneously

As an application platform, For Metas strives to bring the best of the web3 applications by utilizing our abundant industrial resources, and at the same time, we will also enable third-party organizations such as game studios who can develop new intellectual properties (IPs) backed by our solid infrastructure and an upcoming integration feature.Developers can incorporate several value benefits into their apps with the help of For Metas platforms. The network is used to construct decentralized applications, which can help to ensure immutability and security. For Metas also will provide the tools required for the faster and easier creation of decentralized apps.

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