Invitation System Guide

For Metas offers a win-win invitation system that benefits both the referrers and referees. When you invite friends to join our platform, both you and your invited friends will receive platform points rewards known as vPlayer.

For Metas’s mission is to foster a community centered on incentives, where mutual invitations and rewards not only infuse vitality and prosperity but also promote interaction and collaboration among members. Together, let's actively contribute to the community's growth and prosperity while creating a platform of mutual support and encouragement. For Metas provides opportunities for growth and progress to a wider audience. Now, let's dive into the details of the invitation system tutorial.

Invitation System Reward Breakdown

Once you've connected your exclusive invitation code, both you and the person you invite will unlock generous rewards. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Inviter's Rewards: The inviter will receive a reward equal to 8% of the vPlayer points earned by the person they invited. For instance, if User A invites User B and User B earns 10 points through daily check-ins, User A will receive a 0.8-point reward (8% of B's points).

Invited Person's Rewards: The invited person will also receive an additional 5% point bonus. In the example mentioned, User B's points will increase to 10.5 points (10 points + 5% bonus).

This reciprocal reward mechanism fosters cooperation and sharing within the community. It not only allows you to accumulate more points but also strengthens the cohesion of the entire For Metas community. For in-depth information, please consult our whitepaper.

How to Link Your Account Using an Invitation Code

Following your registration (your initial login also serves as registration), navigate to your personal center. Within the "Invite Binding" field, input the invitation code shared by your friend, and then click "Bind." Once the page showcases "Bound" in a vibrant green hue, consider the binding process successfully completed.

Please take note: Once binding is completed, it cannot be reversed in the current platform version.

How to Acquire a For Metas Invitation Code

Getting a For Metas invitation code is remarkably simple. Just visit the platform's personal center and check in for ten days (consecutive days are not required). Your exclusive platform invitation code will be automatically generated. Afterwards, you can easily click "Share" to pass on this special invitation code to your friends.

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