Live-streaming has become the most popular form of entertainment for everyday use. With the arrival of Web3.0, conventional live-streaming systems are unable to match the expectations of Web3.0 users. For Metas is meant to provide an economically efficient alternative to centralized live-streaming solutions for any existing live streaming platforms. All of the Streaming content you view on your favorite platforms are kept and delivered using highly costly centralized servers, which causes problems and raises the price of the consumption. In current models, the options are to pay for a subscription to watch a lot of media you might not be interested in, to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the videos you really love, or to watch advertisements in exchange for content, which leaves producers with almost no return on their investment. For Metas is creating features and its business strategy of allowing creators to keep more of what they earn than traditional platforms, all while gaining ownership of the platform. People tend to be anonymous or utilise network identities in the Web3.0 era, therefore decentralised identification (DID) will become an essential component of Web3.0.However, DID cannot yet be used by all live-streaming services. The technology of multiplayer interaction will be deployed when the Metaverse and AI evolve. For content creator, internet influencer, streamer,Here on For Metas, you can upload your videos and set your own distribution terms, create interactive live experiences & screenings with token-based ticket and subscription, For Metas will help spread your stores to the rest of the world and get your own branded streaming platform with your content, events & community.Advertisers can also target end viewers at a lower cost and reward influencers more transparently. Based on several performance criteria, creators are rewarded with the For Metas platform governance token, ensuring that creators are adequately compensated for the value they offer to the platform. To further engage with their fanbases, creators will be able to monetise their material utilising tokenized assets in the future. For Metas will provide a virtual stage for all your events, from video screening, DAO community call, festival, broadcast recording. In comparison to traditional live-streaming communication, new types of broadcasting, such as cloud gaming, not only bring viewers and KOLs closer together, but also allow for second social networking amongst audiences. On the one hand, it is a cost-effective means of monetizing video content and generating more viewers. On the other, it introduces valuable means of maximizing relevance while enhancing interactivity with viewers. The value proposition of For Metas Live Streaming for the digital media industry is as follows: •Users: rewarded with tokens when they pay attention to view digital media information, with their personal privacy and data being protected

.•Streamer: improved profit, improved accuracy of advertising delivery, and reduced fraud.

•Business Organizations : high quality user reports, better spread effect at a lower cost, and higher conversion rate.

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