Each character has four NFTs of different qualities- from low to high, N, R, SR, SSR, and each Fantasy Fairy has six indicators of measuring attributes: HP, MP, ATT, Crit, SPO, and DEX. And the number of attributes and skills and the amount of benefits of each Fantasy Fairy is directly related to the qualities. NFTs with higher quality and attributes are advantageous in PVE and PVP fighting, and naturally the benefits will be higher too.

NFT Pledging and Rewards

  1. Pledging different NFT to get new NFT or higher-quality NFT. The rules are as follows:

2. In the first phase of the 4MW platform, 5 to 10 games will be launched one after another, and users who pledge NFT for the first game will have the opportunity to receive airdrops of NFT for subsequent games.

More reward rules will be announced in subsequent announcements, so stay tuned.

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