Socai DAPP

What does a social media platform look like in your mind? It's likely that it's similar to Facebook, with its never-ending stream of material in all forms: written postings, photographs, videos, and now, NFTs. But, as Instagram and Twitter have demonstrated, social media networks may thrive even if they only focus on one media type.

According to several studies, social media platforms are used by about half of the world's population. It is supporting many users in establishing a reputation. Since its debut, social media has assisted many users in promoting their companies, interacting with a diverse variety of people, gaining notoriety, becoming wealthy, and so on. However, all of the advantages come at a high cost.

Every generation is getting increasingly concerned that social media has failed to deliver on its promises. It has grown over time into closed, commercially motivated, centralised networks that are continuously hammered by privacy problems and seemingly unending charges of censorship, server failures, de-platforming, and other issues.

The next generation of social networks, For Metas believes, may cater to online communities established around more particular interests, such as hobbies or creative enterprises.We will build an open-source platform that allows content producers to reclaim their Internet freedom, revenue, and social reach.

The social networking DAPP provided by For Metas is a worldwide network of thousands of communities known as instances, each of which is administered by a different person or organisation. Anyone, just like anyone, can start and manage their own For Metas community, just as anyone can construct a website using WordPress. Data entries may be kept on servers all around the world thanks to blockchain technology. It promotes openness by allowing anybody on a network to access data in near real time.Any person may create their own social network and decide how it works and what people can say. Rather than having material regulated by a business, the founder of a social network can define the site's acceptable conduct.

Furthermore, because For Metas is completely open-source, these players might change their UI and develop new algorithms to rank influencers and articles in a way that best suits their specific target client. We will develop and provide you with a variety of tools for content creation, design and distribution through ads.We believe that this will soon shift us from a world where a few juggernauts dominate the major feeds to one where consumers will have thousands of feeds to pick from, each with its own specialized focus.

We believe that all of the above may provide creators with unparalleled reach and a more direct contact with their fans than they have had with existing platforms.

On For Metas, content creators may interact with their followers depending on the membership NFTs/tokens they own. Furthermore, consumers may find and share their evaluations on web3, as well as develop web3 native relationships with creators through content and creator NFTs. We will investigate new web3 native applications based on the link between artists and fans and save on decentralized protocols in the future.

By taking advantage of social tokens, social NFTs and other innovative functions such as real-time tipping, we think we are providing a better platform for creators to monetize their content. On For Metas, content creators may generate money largely by selling or licensing their intellectual property rights, but they can also earn money from advertising, tipping, brand sponsorship, affiliate links, streaming, and a variety of other digital marketing activities.

For content creators: Earn Social Incentives: By creating content and engaging with users, creators can earn social incentives from platform tokens. Issue:Content NFTs: By creating content NFTs and allowing users to collect, creators can build connections with users directly on web3.

For fans and content consumers:Join Web3 community and start social networking: Users can collect content NFTs, join groups of their interest and build connections with users directly on web3. Earn rewards by joining the web3 social network:Users of For Metas social Dapp will not only be able to monetize and own their data but will also be able to maintain the privacy and security of their data.

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