A comprehensive guide on stake, farm, claim $4MW with NFTs on For Metas and sell $4MW on dex

For Metas NFT farming allows token holders to gain additional utility from their tokens, putting them to work to gain additional value.Through this program, users can stake their platform-issued NFTs and earn $4MW tokens.We’ll walk you through the NFT farming, staking process and reward claiming in the sections below.

What are the attributes of the NFTs?

NFTs of Glory Land have three attributes, only NFT with Mineable attribute can use to farm

Synthesizable VS Non-Synthesizable

Tradable VS Non-Tradable

Mineable VS Non-Mineable

How to check all your holding NFTs?

Put your mouse on your email account on the navigation bar, then click “My NFT.” From here, you can see all of your NFTs.

You can see the tier of the NFT on the left top and the status of the NFT; for example, all the NFTs in the above picture are in the “staking” process, and all the attributes of NFTs are also shown.

How much I can earn with my NFT?

Each NFT in Glory Land has a specific tier that it belongs to. Different tiers have different computing power; that said, the higher the tier of the NFT, the more computing power it poses.

The quality of NFTs in Glory Land ranges from low to high: M, N, R, R+, S, S+, SR, SR+, SSR, SSR+, and UTR. Each stands for the corresponding mining hash power and mining days. Stronger mining hash power means more tokens to get in the same period of time. A longer mining day, as the name suggests, means you can stake the NFT for a longer period.

The calculation formula of daily personal earning can be presented below:

Daily personal mining reward = Total Reward Pool Size * Personal mining power percentage

Personal mining power percentage=Personal mining power/Network added-up mining power

And the total daily mining output (Reward pool) of $4MW is:

Fixed 25 million token + 25% of the game revenue(Equity earnings)

The latter part can fluctuate every day depending on how many players and how much game income has been generated.

For example, if you have one R+ card and the total network mining power for the day is 200,000,the daily total token output is 30 million (25 million fixed output plus 5 million fluctuate game income), and your daily staking earnings are:

30 million(Daily reward pool) * 125/200,000 (Personal mining power percentage)

Assume the daily total token output stay the same(which is not practical)during your staking period, then the accumulated earned token would be

30 million * 125/200,000 * 270(Mining day)

How to farm with NFTs on For Metas?

Here comes the point.

As long as you hold any NFTs that meet the mineable requirement, For Metas will automatically put them in the staking pool and help you farm the $4MW token.We make every effort to maximize our user experience and save users as much time and effort as possible.

Come to the Farm page, and you can see all the details here, including your staking NFT, your computing power, and your current uncollected rewards.

You can also choose to check the detailed composition of your personal computing power by clicking the M icon button next to the“My current Computing Power”

How to claim my reward

Click “Claim” on the popped-up window

Then go to the My Wallet page under the email navigation bar. Click “Withdraw”

Fill in your binding web3 address, your desired withdrawal amount, and the verification code. Note that you have to fund your wallet with some USDT first in the “My Wallet” page, as the last step shows.Because there is a $1 USDT fee charged every time you withdraw.

How to swap $4MW

Now it’s time to swap your agricultural crops

Although we do not recommend withdrawing and selling $4MW right away because we believe our platform token has so much long-term potential, you are free to do so, and we provide you with a fast and secure built-in solution to convert $4MW into stablecoin or other reputable coins.

First of all, you can check the $4MW balance in your wallet(e.g.MetaMask)by importing a $4MW address.

The address of $4MW:0xb70d593ef89b707Ce05925E1d80fffCd9a655406

Back to the topic, when you want to swap $4MW into other tokens, click the Recharge/Swap button on the top navigation bar, then another tab would be opened and lead you to the swap page

Fill in the desired number of $4MW and choose the target token, click “Approve 4MW”

For permission access, simply click “Confirm” on the Wallet pop-up.

Now you can Click “Swap” and also approve the transaction in your wallet. Congrats! You have successfully gone through the whole process!

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