How to register an account on For Metas

For Metas as the largest Web3 Application platform is servicing multiple industries and ecosystems. Users are able to experience anything from blockchain games , live streaming, social dApps , Metaverse to AR/VR.

Learn more about For Metas Background.

We are very excited to announce we will soon launch our very first game product - Are you ready to enjoy this immersive IDLE game with stunning artistic beauty and achieve play to earn?

Now it’s time to start a journey on For Metas! Don’t have an account yet?Here is a comprehensive step-by step guidance book for you!

1.Visit For Metas at this URL. Welcome, now you’ve entered a new world.

2.Click Email login

3.Click register to start owning your account on For Metas.

3. Fill in your email, password, then click send code, you will automatically receive a verification code in your email and then please fill it in the blank.

Most importantly, remember to fill in the invitation code of your friend. But if you don’t have any invitation code yet, use this instead: 34A6FB

It will form a binding relationship between you and your referral. And of course you are able to have your own invitation code as well!We will illustrate that later!

4.Congrats!Now your account is ready to go! Put your mouse on your email account on the navigation bar then click “My account”. Here you can see your invitation code.

Here, you are able to check your own exclusive invitation code. Share it with your friend, and start earning your reward!

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