1. Magical Offense

The core gameplay revolves around adjusting the position of the elven leader and tapping the screen to unleash potent magical attacks against advancing monsters. Each type of monster boasts varying levels and vulnerabilities, requiring clever magical strategies for their elimination. Castle walls possess a rebounding ability, and players must adeptly utilize this feature to vanquish foes and protect the magical forest.

2. Resource Procurement

Players can open chests to discover abundant resources, including gold and rune stone. Additionally, watching advertisements can provide extra resources, expediting players' progress and empowering their in-game characters.

3. Barrier Strategy

Barrier is pivotal in the defense of the magical forest. By upgrading the barrier, players can mitigate the damage inflicted by monsters and gain additional time for counterattacks. The upgrade process involves the consumption of gold, requiring players to make shrewd decisions regarding resource allocation and barrier enhancement.

4. Laboratory Research

The laboratory is a crucial hub for enhancing combat capabilities. Here, players can invest in-game gold to upgrade the attack capabilities of frontline and support units, making their progress more efficient. Laboratory upgrades not only enhance attack capabilities but also unlock advanced skills and spells, rendering players more competitive in battles.

5. Skill Advancement

In the skill research section, when players pass specific levels, they can choose to upgrade the attack support of the frontlines and support units or enhance the power of other magic skills. The improvement of these skills will give players a greater advantage in battle. Skill research is a profound strategic element within the game, requiring players to select the right skill path to meet the challenges of different levels.

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