Registration Guide

Welcome to For Metas, your gateway to a versatile integrated application platform tailored for Web 2.5 enthusiasts.

For Metas has officially gone live, alongside the simultaneous release of multiple H5 games. This tutorial will walk you through the registration process and assist you in kick starting your journey with For Metas. It’ll provide comprehensive instructions to ensure you swiftly embrace the platform's diverse features and services.

Step 1: Explore the Official Website

The official website URL for For Metas is:

You can simply click on the globe icon in the upper right corner to select your preferred language. Currently, For Metas supports English and Simplified Chinese. Looking ahead, For Metas plans to introduce additional language options, fostering the growth of a global community.

Step 2: Choose How to Register

To get started, simply click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. Your initial login serves as your registration. For Metas, a Web 2.5 platform, offers you two registration methods tailored to your preferences: the conventional Web 2 registration or the native Web 3.0 registration.

The Web 2 registration method encompasses options like using your email, Twitter, or Discord for signup. Conversely, in the realm of Web 3, For Metas has seamlessly integrated a variety of on-chain wallets, including MetaMask, Token Pocket, Bitkeep, and more, providing users with enhanced flexibility while navigating the platform.

Step 3: Getting Started with Registration

The tutorial will use email as an example for the Web 2 method and MetaMask for the Web 3 method.

WEB 2 Login Method - Using Email as an Example

Click on "Email" - Enter your email address - Click "Send Code" - Enter the verification code you received - Click "Confirm"

After you've finished registering via email, the system will promptly create a blockchain address for you. To access your wallet details, just click on "To Wallet" in the top-right corner of the homepage. Clicking the icon beside the address allows you to effortlessly copy it. Furthermore, your wallet empowers you to engage in a range of activities, including sending, receiving, purchasing, swapping, and facilitating cross-chain transactions.

In addition to checking the tokens within your wallet, you can also explore details like NFTs and wallet interaction history (Activity) right from within your wallet.

WEB3 Login Method - Using MetaMask Wallet as an Example

(Important Note: Prior to logging in, please confirm that you have installed the appropriate on-chain wallet on your device. There are numerous phishing websites, so ensure you are using the correct download link.)

Click "MetaMask" - Your device will automatically prompt the MetaMask wallet and login authorization. - Click "Connect"

Step 4: Activate Your Invitation Code (If You Have One)

For Metas has an exceptional invitation system that benefits both invitees and their referrers. For more details, refer to our whitepaper's invitation section. If you've received an invitation code from a friend, you can link it to your personal account. Plus, after just ten days of checking in (not necessarily consecutively), you'll receive your very own exclusive invitation code.

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