Story Background

In the Continent of Kielder, there are a kind of evil creatures that feed on human beings. They encroach on human land for a long time and slaughter human lives at will, which lead to strong resistance from human heroes. However, humans are too weak, and pure human force cannot compete with the power of strong evil monsters. Human beings have been forced to retreat to the land near the sea, and there is no way to retreat any more.

On an armistice day, while the four major human leaders gathered to discuss how to deal with it,they unexpectedly discovered that the badge shards in their hands that they did not know what they were used for merged into a summoning badge. The moment they used the summoning badge, there was a crack in the space, and a Fantasy Fairy emerged. Everyone was stunned. After the Fantasy Fairy knew their plight, she immediately expressed her willingness to fight for them, to drive out evil and to restore brightness.

It turns out that in the mysterious dimensional space, there are a group of beautiful fairies with super magic. They love life, are good at all kinds of magic and have strong fighting power. They hate evil and yearn for brightness. Over the years,the space is so stable that it is impossible for them to get out of the dimensional space. Only with the power of the summoning badge can the space barriers be broken and the Fantasy Fairies be summoned from the dimensional space.

Badge shards are scattered all over the Continent of Kielder. The collected badge shards can be used to synthesize powerful summoning badges.Their holders can summon various mysterious treasures from the dimensional space, and even directly summon the Fantasy Fairies to fight for them. The appearance of the badge shards has lit up hope for all human beings. As more and more shards have been collected, stronger Fantasy Fairies are summoned. Human beings are on the road to victory.

The story begins with the advent of the first Fantasy Fairy...

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