How to stake your NFT on For Metas

Don't let your Glory Land NFTs sit in your wallet and collect dust!

Adding your NFT to a pool in order to gain yield or advantages from Glory Land is known as NFT staking. The best thing about farming NFTs on For Metas is that you don’t need to wait for the official launch to stake, and even after the game is officially online, you don’t need to withdraw them from the staking pool when you are using them in the game. That means, as long as you hold the mineable NFT in your wallet, you can gain great farming rewards 24/7!

Hero NFTs with mineable attributes can help you start earning passive income right away. Get excited? Simply by clicking stake, you are on the right path!

Step 1: Check all your NFTs in your account.

Put your mouse on your email account on the navigation bar, then click "My NFT." From here, you can see all of your NFTs.

Step 2: There is actually no Step 2!

As long as you hold any NFTs that meet the mineable requirement, For Metas will automatically put them in the staking pool and help you farm the $4MW token.

You will notice the NFT has the "staking" label on the right label, this means it is in the process of mining and earning passive reward for you!

We make every effort to maximize our user experience and save users as much time and effort as possible.

Come to the Farm page, and you can see all the details here, including your staking NFT, your computing power, and your current uncollected rewards.

Check the formulas for how much $4MW you can get based on the tiers of NFTs you here

You can also choose to check the detailed composition of your personal computing power by clicking the M icon button next to the“My current Computing Power”

What if you want to withdraw your NFT and make it on-chain?

Need to note: Withdraw is not necessary for staking, you can still stake your NFT and farm $4MW leave it off chain.

NFTs on For Metas initially are off-chain assets and you have to have this choice to make it on-chain.

Here is some guidance on how to withdraw your NFT

Make sure you have bound your web3 wallet address by clicking Connect on the right top of the page.

You also have to have a certain amount of assets beforehand, in this case USDT, because there is 1 USDT fee each time you claim your NFT. Remember to include a certain amount of gas fee, in this case $BNB, for the transaction!

Enter your desired amount of token and click "Deposit," then just follow up with the popped-up window from your installed wallet.

Then just “Claim” the NFT

Choose one and click Claim, enter your Bep20 network address, fill out your binding email, enter the verification code, and click Confirm.

Please note: There is 1 USDT free each time claimed, and please make sure the address is on the BEP20 network, otherwise, it will cause property damage.

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