VIP Level

In the For Metas ecosystem, VIP levels play a crucial role in determining the maximum daily vPlayer earnings for users. Here's how VIP levels are instrumental in vPlayer acquisition. Sign-In Rewards: Becoming For Metas VIP member and conduct daily sign-in represent one of the ways to accumulate For Metas platform points, known as vPlayer. By signing in at the Rewards Center each day, you'll instantly receive half of the daily vPlayer limit associated with your VIP level. For example, if you hold VIP 3 status on For Metas, where the daily vPlayer limit is 200, daily sign-ins will immediately earn you 100 vPlayer.

Elevating Your Daily Limit: You can increase your daily vPlayer acquisition limit by advancing your VIP level. For Metas presently offers a six-tier VIP system, ranging from Level 0 to Level 5. Each level corresponds to different daily maximum vPlayer limits, varying from 35 per day to 500 per day. For detailed information, please consult the VIP Level Guide.

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