Ecosystem Partners

For Metas -Ecosystem partners:

·Supported Blockchain:Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Ethfair, PLUG, Hashbit, Gton Capital

·Supported Wallet:TP, Bitkkeep, FutureCash, MetaMask

·Supported NFT Marketplace: OpenSea, Element, Findtruman

·Supported Infrastructure:SaasGo, Cocos, Mail3, Link3, Major, MetaMirror

·Web3 quest platform: Galxe, Quest3, Clique

·Cooperated DeFi Projects:Ceres DAO, Kiki Finance, Bit.Store ·

Others:Dcoreum, HundredDAO, Debox

For Metas ecosystem will continue to expand in 2023, with the first game Glory Land coming soon, so stay tuned!

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