For Metas($4MW) Q&A

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What is For Metas?

For Metas is building an aggregated application platform that provides a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for users. Our goal is to build a one-stop hub for users to gain access to various entertainment resources including but not limited to blockchain games, live streaming, social Dapp, metaverse and AR/VR within one platform in a fast, secured, permissionless, incentivized and decentralized way.

We aim to bring together specialists from many sectors to create Web3-native entertainment ecosystem! Gaming, streaming, and virtual life.Create, listen to, watch, and play many forms of entertainment with us under the core tokenomics of $4MW.

What is $4MW for?

$4MW is the only token of For Metas Platform which is initially deployed on BSC.It is the fuel that drives For metas ecosystem. $4MW is the only medium for Dapps usage, platform consumption, and reward

How much of $4MW total supply?


What is the tokenomics of $4MW?

What does RE-DISTRIBUTE mean? How it works?

RE-DISTRIBUTE refers to the distribution that 4MW from game revenue will be redistributed.

Generally, all the income of the ordinary gamefi project will enter their own wallet and then be sold for cash. That is why the token price of other gamefi projects always crash after they launch their game for a while.

But For Metas will never happen this.

In order to make the platform develop more equitably and stably for a long time, For Metas designed the RE-DISTRIBUTE scheme. While ensuring the income of game developers, game players who holding NFT can also pass NFT Mining gets dividends.

The specific distribution is as follows:

What are the benefits as the NFT holder?

1. NFT Mining Rewards. Fixed 25 millions token from 5% of tokenomics + 25% of re-distribution for NFT Mining.

1) Fixed awards 25 millions $4MW everyday from Daily Rewards Pool

Earnings formula:

25,000,000 / Current Total Power x My current computing power Rewards are issued every 10 minutes

2) 25% of the game revenue everyday from re-distribution

This part will start from the first game online

Note: different tiers of NFTs have different available mining period, check more details

2. Profits from Trading NFTs.

The hero NFT card is an essential part of the game, and the game can only be started with a hero NFT. During the game, some game props and NFTs will be dropped. These NFTs can be traded on the market.

After the game is officially launched, the official will no longer sell mystery boxes, which means that in order to obtain the hero NFT for the game, users must purchase it from the secondary trading market. In other words, the NFT in the market is maintained at a certain level of inflation for a long time, and there will be no price collapse due to rapid quantity inflation. The NFTs obtained by users in the game are more valuable, and it is truly P2E.

What can I do with the NFT before the game launch?

The NFT those you mint from mystery boxes now can mine $4MW as awards immediately without waiting for Gloryland be officially launched.

You will get the awards automatically everyday when you are holding the NFT. For more details, you can find them here

2. The mystery box sales will end once Gloryland launched, then users can only buy NFTs at the market

How to get an NFT card before the game launching?

There are two ways for users to get an hero NFT card, free mint from the activities and purchase a mystery box (

Check more details here:

What are the attributes of Gloryland’s NFT?

NFTs of Glory Land have 3 attributes STM:

- Mineable VS Non-Mineable

- Synthesizable VS Non-Synthesizable

- Tradable VS Non-Tradable

Please check more details here

What is the Play-to-Earn(P2E) model? How can I earn with the game of Gloryland?

Apart from NFT Mining, you can synth your NFT to be the upper tiers then can get more NFTs for selling from the game

Synthesizing more advanced NFTs can enhance your hero attributes and help you pass levels more easily.

In addition to improving your game experience, more importantly, as the number of levels increases, your rewards will also be more generous. Among them, the dropped NFT can not only be synthesized, but also sold for profit.

In this way, a real Play-to-Earn is formed.

How are games on For Metas different from other GameFi?

The P2E model of games on For Metas is different from other Gamefi, because there is no output of $4MW from any game under any circumstances.

The subtlety of this economic model is that old users win NFTs by playing games, and the new users need to buy these NFTs from old users to start their game. So, the old users make profits from trading their NFTs that won from the game, and then they will synthesize more advanced NFTs to continue upgrading their level in the game to get more NFTs for sale. Therefore, a reasonable circulating closed loop to achieve Play-to-Earn is formed.

Which chain we deploy on?

We deployed on Binance Smart Chain at the moment and can bridge to others chain, such as EthereumFair, etc.

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