Earning vPlayer: How it Works

vPlayer is acquired by users who fulfill specific criteria after completing tasks. These tasks come in various forms:

  1. Becoming a VIP for For Metas may be the best and easiest way for you to get the most out of vPlayer. Corresponding VIP levels at For Metas allow you to receive half of the daily vPlayer maximum limit associated with your VIP level, simply by participating in daily check-ins. For example, if your daily limit is 80 vPlayer, then you will get 40 vPlayer when you check in per day. For more information on VIP levels, please refer to this section. Note: VIP 0 is an exception here as VIP 0 users can earn only 5 vPlayer through daily check-in.

  2. Daily Tasks: Earn vPlayer by completing daily tasks like answering quizzes or successfully passing specific game levels. You can find detailed information about these tasks on the For Metas reward center page.

  3. For Metas Events: Participate in special events organized by For Metas to earn vPlayer.

  4. Referral Rewards: Refer new users to the platform and receive vPlayer rewards.

Task Updates and Reset Times

Tasks will be regularly updated to keep the engagement fresh. The daily task reset time is synchronized with the Hong Kong time zone (UTC+8) at 00:00. For weekly tasks, the reset occurs at midnight every Sunday.

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