$4MW is the only token of For Metas Platform which is initially deployed on BSC.It is the fuel that drives For metas ecosystem. $4MW is the only medium for Dapps usage, platform consumption, and reward
In addition to being the governance token in For Metas, $4MW is used for participating in game launching, P2E rewards, staking, etc. By staking $4MW, owners can get NFT rewards, new game tokens, and extra profits in the form of $4MW tokens.Application Scenarios in different modules can be summarized below:
$4MW is used for in-game consumption and trading of the NFT cards & equipment
Trade virtual land, avatars, and NFTs launched on the platformSocialUsed for application and consumption in the platform’s social Dapps
Used for bounties, rewards, and virtual decoration in the Livestream application
Purchase or rent AR/VR equipment on the platform